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CHI Needs Assessment Results

Attached to the link below are the results from our 2020 needs assessment. We surveyed more than 15 nonprofits that serve abused and neglected youth in Somerset County. We do a broad spectrum needs assessment every three (3) years, and will do one again in 2023.

CHI Needs Assessment Summary October 2020

Current Initiatives

Current Initiatives

  1. Middle Earth: Continue to work with Middle Earth to support mentoring and fun opportunities: lunchtime mentoring, “fun trips”, “Visions Plus Program.”  and “Promises-Plus” http://www.middleearthnj.org/services/mentoring-services. Most recent program report:  CHI Middle Earth 2020 Final Report
  2. Family & Community Services of Somerset County: Work with mental health providers to cut waiting times for children needing mental health counseling and medicines. Because of Covid, F&CS unable to continue the 2018 and 2019 group counseling to support middle school children who recently arrived in the US from Latin America and who suffered abuse and trauma in their country of origin. Programming for immigrant children restarted in September 2021. Most recent program report: CHI FCSSC Report 6-8-2020
  3. CASA SHaW: Support tutoring program that helps abused and neglected children, especially those who are in out of home placements and have fallen behind educationally and need special attention to catch-up. Most recent program report: CHI CASA-SHaW 2020 Final Report
  4. Richard Hall CMHC: In Summer 2021, restarted Summer Connections programming for  20 children to attend 5 day a week, 3 week long, offering equine therapy, karate, arts and music therapy etc. CHI Summer Connections Camp 2021 End of Summer Report
  5. Resilient Youth of Somerset County: Support the efforts of Resilient Youth of Somerset County to educate youth stakeholders about the pervasive effects of chronic trauma and to hold information sessions on the importance and effectiveness of Trauma Informed Care, with the goal of making Somerset a trauma informed community. See link on this website for Resilient Youth of Somerset.

“Over & Above”

The following are non-recurring, but greatly needed efforts deserving of Children’s Hope Initiative Support:

  1. Catholic Charities opening youth and family counseling centers in Manville and at youth center in Franklin Township. ($10,000 in 2021).
  2. 21st Century Community Learning Center, sponsored by Middle Earth, a grant to enable up to 20 children and their families from Manville to participate in the enhanced after school program in 2021-2022. ($10,000 in 2021).
  3. CASA Emergency Fund Replenishment: Because of Covid, this fund was quickly drained. It was needed for summer camp, computers for CASA kids going off to college, registration for sporting events, diapers etc. ($6,000 in 2020.)
  4. Holiday Gifts for children in the care of the Division. Gifts for more than 250 children over the years.

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